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A Month of Kindness

My annual birthday tradition

My annual birthday tradition to perform random acts of kindness over the month of my birthday - the same number of ROAK as the years I have lived on this planet (in this incarnation ;D)

As this is my 31st, I am really excited to celebrate it with 31 random acts of kindness - the same number of days as in my birth month - allowing for a RAOK each day. This has been my tradition for the last 4 years and I have loved it each and every year. Instead of celebrating ME I wanted to celebrate all the people who help me in my life, specifically strangers.

The people who every day, in some small way, save me. My sanity, my health, my soul. People who open doors when I have heavy bags, give me a seat on the subway when I’m tired, remove the snow from the paths I walk, smile at me when I need a lift. Every single day complete strangers make my life better and have done for the last 31 years.

So for the month of my birthday (January) I will be performing 31 random acts of kindness, in the hopes of giving people a lift, the way they do for me. And I would like you all to join me, call it an invitation to my birthday party if you will.

I hope you will ‘RSVP’ and help me to celebrate my last 31 years filled with kindness, whether it is just one act or many, I’d love to hear from you!


Jen x


Acts of Kindness Ideas:

1. Open doors for others
2. Buy a stranger a coffee
3. Gift baskets for local community
4. Donate food or clothes
5. Offer to cook or babysit for a friend
6. Compliment someone (be sincere!)
7. Volunteer time or services
8. Offer to run errands for neighbours
9. Allow people to go ahead of you
10. Give up your seat on bus/subway

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