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Asking the tarot - finding the right questions

Creating the questions to get the guidance you seek

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"Go on then tell my fortune"

'Ask the deck a question'

"A question?"

'Yeah, what is it you really want to know?'

"Erm... I... I don't know really...."

'Ok, let's work on it together.'

So the tarot is kind of like Spiritual Google - you have to ask it the right question to get the right answers.

Whether you practice tarot yourself or want to get a reading from a professional, the key to getting a useful, informative reading, is in the question. Having a question or subject already prepared will help you to get more out of the reading.

What is it you really want to know?

Not sure yet, well, let's break it down into subjects;





Once you have an idea about the subject of your reading, you can drill down on a question.

Lets look at some examples;

Will I ever get married?

Ok, let's drill down here. What is it you really want to know here?

Are you getting your Moulin Rouge here "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return..." - a search for companionship and love? Awesome sauce - So let's turn it around and ask "What can I do to be ready to find a loving and respectful relationship?", "What is blocking me from love?"​

Or is it that you're feeling that something is missing, societal pressure to get married and 'settle down' getting to you...are you just... lonely? That's ok. It's ok to feel like there is some kind of 'if I get married everything will magically be ok' fix it - but you and I both know, that's just not the truth. So what we really need to work on here is you being madly, widely and passionately in love with YOU. Getting comfortable being alone, being a happy and content single who may or may not get married in the future and that's just grand. - "How can I love myself more?" "What do I need to do to be comfortable and content by myself?"

Does he love me?

Jokes! Even tarot readers have a sense of humour

OK, ok, I'll be serious. Can the tarot tell you about the one you love - yes it can. Will I as a reader tell you - nope.

Asking about another's feelings is an invasion of privacy. I don't read for the third parties because I think it's inappropriate and unethical. If you want to know how someone feels about you - ask them, not the tarot.

If you need some support in building the courage to ask, in working out how to accept the answer (whatever it may be, good or bad) and tapping into your own badassery - then step up to my table, I'm your gal!

With this we could ask "How can I prepare myself to have this conversation?", "What do I need to work on to accept whatever happens.", "How can I love myself more?", "How do I truly feel about this person?"

I hate my job.

Oh honey, been there! But what do you want to do about that? Change jobs? Be more assertive? Take on new challenges?

Do you need to stay? If so, how can we make work bearable even enjoyable! "What can I do to change my energy at work?" "How can I feel safe and respected at work?", "What do I need to know that will help me to succeed at work?" - you get the idea.

Thinking about leaving but not sure the timing is right? The old 'Should I stay or should I go conundrum' - ask about the energy or this A or B decision - "What is the likely outcome if I stay? What is the likely outcome if I go?" "What energy is surrounding my leaving?" etc.

Everything's changing!!!!! GAHHHHH!

There aren't even memes in the world to sum up this feeling right? TRANSITIONS - Oh Lordy, they get you good sometimes. Tarot readings are such a great way to work through this energy as they can give you that grounded light you need when everything goes tits up. I recently booked a reading with Imogen Walters Intuitive and asked her "How can I keep my light through this time of transition?" The reading was beautiful and incredibly helpful - riffing off that question "How do I stay grounded during this time?" "What do I need to do to take care of myself and my family during this transition?"

I hope this has been helpful and shown you some of the different ways you can phrase things to ensure that you get the answers and guidance you are looking for.

Asking the same question again and again - ok, I get it, when you really want a particular outcome and the cards are just not saying it's going to happen its frustrating and even disempowering at first. You may feel the need to ask another reader to see if you get the same messages and you are more than welcome to do that - it's your money yo. But just like going to 10 different car garages, whatever you want it to be, the engine is still bust.

Different readers will have different packages available as well, which can help you to really explore how in depth you want to go with your question.

You can also look on pinterest, google, or your favourite readers blogs for inspiration on tarot spreads.

Above all remember, it doesn't have to be complicated. Really it can be as simple as - What do I need to know right now?

Tarot inspires action. Don't forget you have the power and the agency to follow the the advice and guidance from the cards.

Finally, as with all advice and guidance - sometimes you don't get the answer you WANT but you will get the answer you NEED

And don't worry, it happens to me ALL THE TIME!

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