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I believe I am....

Exploring the beliefs you have about yourself

In January we will be exploring the beliefs we hold about ourselves and looking at ways to change and ultimately release those beliefs.

Grab a pen, light a candle, take a seat, inhale, exhale and lets explore.

EXERCISE 1: If I asked you to describe yourself what would you say?

I am _______________

Did you go for the physical? I am tall, I am short... or personality? I am kind, I am stubborn...

Why did you use those words? Have you heard them from others, family, friends? What did your school reports say about you? Your last work review?

Think about yourself when you are in love - how would you describe yourself then?

When you are angry?

When you are tired?

When you are stressed?

When you're with family?

When you are happy?

When you have money?

What do you think other people believe about you? Have you asked them? 

EXERCISE 2: Ask 3 friends to describe you.

Ok so now we have a list of beliefs we have about ourselves, and a list a beliefs others have about us. 

EXERCISE 3: Compare the lists. Do the differ? Which feels better?

Ready for the best bit; 

Imagine holding no attachment to the words on those pages, starting pure as a child. Because the truth of the matter is, none of it is real. Only love is real and any other attachments, fears or beliefs are false. Over the next 4 weeks I will be posting blogs and exercises here and on social media to work on releasing these beliefs. But for now, back to the lists;

EXERCISE 4: Rip up the list and burn them. Release them into the universe. Look into the mirror and repeat "I am love. I am love. I am love."

For more information about The Work by Byron Katie click here

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