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International Tarot Day 2017: Bearing Fruit Livecast

Facebook Live from #internationaltarotday

· Tarot,Coaching

A video of the Facebook live workshop I held on International Tarot Day, recorded for Tarot Nerds Facebook group.

In this fun and interactive video I go over the Bearing Fruit workbook and guide you through a beautiful meditation.

The original workbook and meditation were created for my #teaandtarot series with August Moon Tea in Nottingham, 2017.

So what's the Bearing Fruit workshop all about?

It's about celebrating the ways you are already manifesting amazing things into your life.

It's about acknowledging your own hard work.

It's about learning to tap into the energy of past successes to create even more abundance and success in the future.

You can download the PDF and follow along with the video or come back to it in your own time. I encourage you to join me in the meditation which starts at 13:22 on the video.

I hope this serves you.

Love and light,

Jen x

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