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The thing about tribes...

The thing about tribes... 

I'm argumentative, opinionated and according to my recent ex, a complete pain in the arse. I'm irritable, easily bored and grumpy without sleep. I'm also shy, generous and kind. Feisty, an activist, the living embodiment of the Phoenix. 

I believe in equal rights but I also believe women are superior beings - sorry boys but that's where I'm at. I rock the lefter side of politics but as a small business owner, also see the potential of capitalism. I think Donald Trump is a moron (or terrifyingly clever) and that chocolate, red wine, a bath and an orgasm will solve all my problems. 

I aim to be vegan - and fail at the first wiff of cheese. I'm polite but also rude and hate it when people talk with their mouth full. I constantly fight ingrained classism and am at once the most open and allowing teacher and the strictest - you did not play up in my classroom. I enjoy pop culture and try to keep up to date with films and music but mostly, I just don't care. I love languages, speak 2, understand more. I have a faith unwavering in a belief system that constantly changes. I will forgive you anything but my elephant ass forgets nothing. 

Want to be my friend? 

So what was the point of that delightful yet rambling intro? I've been thinking a lot about tribes, finding and cultivating those friendships that just... fit. The ones which lift you, support you and encourage you. Those people who check you on your bullshit and inspire you to be a better person by loving you just as you are. Writing in my angel journal, asking the Angels to guide me to my tribe, I started the sentence "guide me to like minded people" but I stopped at like.... suddenly like minded didn't make sense to me. 

Yes I understand the benefits of shared values but really is that anything to do with your mind? I have friends who are earth angels, have been there through some of the lowest points, their houses are always open to me... they have guns, believe in the right to bear arms and I'm about as anti-gun as they come. They were in the army, I have difficulty reconciling national security and my belief in non violent means. They do cross fit - which frankly is the weirdest part. Our "minds" or not alike, our politics, views and even use of vocabulary are on opposite poles. But when shit goes down those girls are there. No questions. We are, you see, like hearted - family, love, loyalty, peace, wellbeing - we want the same things, our methods are just different. 

So this is the point I proffer for your consideration - when you look for your tribe - what do you look for? Maybe, just maybe, It's the like hearted that a tribe maketh.

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