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I wanted to start a personal blog on here, for you to get to know me better and hopefully for me to get to know you better too! So each fortnight I will be posting about my life, things I like and inviting you to join me on Facebook to talk about you! Jen x

This fortnight in my world


First time participant and definitely loving the motivation to write everyday. The first week was easy and found I was smashing targets but the second week fell flatter. It was harder to concentrate and I was suddenly more aware of how much I was waffling. I've spent the week fighting the demons of 'This isn't good enough, why bother' but I'm countering by rocking the mantra 'Done is better than good' Frankly if I only keep 1/3 of this by the end that's still 16,000 of a kick ass novel written - hell yes I'm taking that!

How many times do we let fear get in the way of our creativity. Believing that if we aren't producing Lord of the Rings within the first draft we aren't worthy. Forgetting that the greatest writers don't just sit down and bash out a novel or a poem in one sitting.

There is so much honour in just giving it a go. Starting and seeing what happens. Creating with hope and joy - worrying about the red pen edits later. We all have things that are ready to be unleashed and maybe it's gold dust, maybe it's not. But I believe we each become better people just by trying to create.


If you're on O2 - make sure you download the O2 Priority app to get a free coffee at Cafe Nero every Tuesday! It's been my favourite way to plan, read and write! Get on it!

In the kitchen - What have I been cooking and eating?

This fortnight has been all about BREAKFAST! Honey cherries on toast and pear porridge have made their way onto my winter brekkie menu and I'm loving these recipes.

Super simple honey soaked cherries with almond butter on thick toast - amazing! The perfect combination of textures and flavours. Sweet, sour, nutty - yum! Check out this link for the recipe

I've never given tin pears a second glance until this fortnight. Looking through the pantry for inspiration and then a quick google search - amazing! Overnight in honey and cinnamon. Next morning cooking jumbo oats in almond milk with a pinch of nutmeg, warm the pears up and pop them on! Magic! This is such a warming and filling breakfast.

In my house - what's going on in my world of inspiration?

Watching: The Good Witch - How did I miss this bandwagon? A typical Hallmark feel good series filled with delight, beautiful scenery and likeable characters. Basically about a kind hearted witch in a small town using her inner knowing to gently push people in the right direction. Magic, love and good deeds - what's not to like? Two of the films and Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix at the moment.


Music - Rag 'n' Bone Man - Human

This album, like, damn! His voice, his soul, his lyrics. This is my soundtrack at the moment.

Podcast - HiPPiE WiTCH - Joanna DeVoe

Fantastic interviews, great content and a lovely lady to boot!


Fiction: Alice Hoffman The Museum of Extraordinary Things


The story is amazing, the writing is rich and compelling. Love, love, LOVE!

Non-Fiction: Ann Pettifor - The Production of Money

I met Ann at a Women's Equality Party meeting. She was doing a talk on Feminism and Economics - it was an amazing talk and learnt a lot. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn more from this remarkable woman.

In others words.... quotes, poems and awesome stuff someone else said!

Now I don't go to church anymore but I love listening to this hymn. I think whatever your religious or spiritual journey this idea of something being with you through your darkness and your light is really powerful.

'Shine through the gloom, and point me towards the skies'

It's a lovely poem in itself and such a beautiful piece of music.

Journal prompt - what am I contemplating this week?

'Where does my power lie?'

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