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Purposeful Creation - what I want you to know

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photo by Brian Watkins from the series 'your words, my scars'

This is me, naked in every sense of the world, finally believing I deserved to be. In my performance 'Your words, my scars' I stood in front of a hundred people, surrounded by mirrors and tried to remember who I was. I sat looking myself in the eyes saying over and over 'I'm sorry, I love you, you're beautiful, I forgive you' - I was intentionally, publicly, giving myself permission to exist and to exist on purpose, the way I knew I deserved to exist.

So why am I telling you this? Because I want this for you too. You may not have to declare it so publicly (though I applaud you if you do) but I want to you live your life on purpose.

What I want for you is to stand with integrity, to walk with awareness that you, my darling, are a PURPOSEFUL CREATION. There is no accident in the indent of your chin, the sparkle in your eye, the snort in your laugh or shape of your heart. You, you can choose to live with on purpose - with great intention.

You matter, you always have done and you always will.

"You were created IN purpose, ON purpose" - Angela Davis.

Those words move me to tears because I know, I KNOW them to be true. I have see the spark in my clients eyes and the shedding of skin. I've seen the discovery of the work a friend was born to do and the slow grace of a woman just walking the path and not caring where it would lead because she knew that if she just kept moving, the path would show her the way.

God, Allah, Gaia, The Universe - however the sound of the creators name rolls around your heart and off your tongue - did not make a mistake with you or create you on her off day. You aren't an accident my darling, you are on purpose. And that gives you the agency, the permission, the duty and the joy to be YOU.

Your purpose, is to be you, fully, beautifully, hopefully, knowingly, intentionally, PURPOSEFULLY you.

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