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The month of SEPTEMBER, I will be spending mindfully avoiding alcohol. Though I don't drink to excess regularly, I have gotten in the habit of date night out with my man meaning - cocktails and wine. A lunch with the girls - a pint of cider.

Though I don't see these as harmful in themselves, I want to give my body a break and my mind a quick reprogramme - associating good times with alcohol.

Feel free to join me, to comment and support, publicly or not.

What does alcohol mean to you?
Do you drink alcohol everyday?
How does it feel not to drink?
What impact does alcohol have on your life - positive and negative?
When someone suggests giving it up for a month - how does that make you feel?

If a month off alcohol seems too much, if the exploration of those feelings seems overwhelming, perhaps start with awareness.

Spend a month keeping note of what you drank and when - if you want to go further add a why and thoughts feelings.

Monday - post work pint - long day and wanted to be social - felt good, relaxed but a little tired next day.

Bring awareness to the situation, it might bring up some beautiful insights.

Love and light,

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