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Straighten Your Crown - There's work to be done

Well we're half way through 2017 and it's been brutal hasn't it?

Up, down, round and round, exhausting.

Maybe it's the weather, still cold in July, relentless damp, those glimmers of glorious sunshine undercut with biting cold winds.

And yet at times it has been glorious. Love, kindness, so much to do, so much to celebrate, to educate....

It's a lot people, beautiful, frustrating, heart breaking, informative, 28 days later.... and we're done.

So now we're moving into July and my darling exhuasted kings and queens it's time to get back on your thrones and straighten your crown - there's work to be done.

We've hibernated long enough, summer is here. It's time to play!

Spring Clean - your intentions.

Perhaps, you've been on survival mode, you know the sort of thing "Please God, just get me through the week!" It was important, it was necessary. But you've gotten through that long winter and if you're honest with yourself, is 'surviving' enough? Are you ready to step into your greatness, to thrive, to shine. You needed to survive and by the virtue of finding and reading this blog you are ready to move through survival mode, into something greater.

Honour your teachers

Every relationship (and by relationship I mean everyone you love, work worth, meet at the supermarket) is a catalyst for spiritual growth. There are those who nourish you, sustain you and allow you to breathe deeper and fuller into who you are. And then...then there are those you find it difficult to describe without the use of profanity... trust me on this, they are the important ones. Explore how you react to them, in what ways to you allow this behaviour to continue. What is it you need to learn? Patience? Tolerance? To stand up for yourself? It is your reaction that fuels the relationship - what are you throwing on the fire here?

Honour peoples abilities. This part may be a little challenging at first.

STOP playing it small.

Please stop waiting around for someone to give you permission to be who you are. Stop waiting for your turn to speak, stop, and I mean this with love, playing the victim card. 

We all have hardships and tragedies, we all have the right to talk about them and explore them. Darlings this isn't an exercise is silencing yourself, it's an exercise in showing up. How many excuses have you made in the last week? Not the right time, not enough money, not enough this or that, need to do this, must do that, too busy, too whatever... ENOUGH ALREADY! You need me to say it, then fine I'll say it. You have circumstances that have the potential to stop you fulfilling this particular dream in this particular moment - but what can you do? Can't run a 10km but you can walk to the park - then go to the park. That vase you've been working on, not quite the right shade of blue? Leave it green and then go make another one. Best selling novel not being picked up just yet - write an article for a local paper and share your gift that way. Physically can't do the thing you want to, then find something you can do and celebrate it!

Know where you are, what you can do and then challenge it. Have a moment of what if - what if I did try x, what if instead of moaning about having no time I get up earlier, set up a play date for the kids, take the kids with me? Whatever it is, whatever the excuse you are hanging on to - challenge it.

You do not need permission to live your best life. and if you do, here you go, this is your permission, now get on with it.

Gift yourself the time

Struggling to find the time to shine? Work? Kids? Social Life? You've got it all going on AND you need down time. So how can you make time to focus on your light work...? Stop trying to MAKE the time and GIFT it to yourself. Reframe this idea of struggling to make room, to have to loose a thing, make a sacrifice and think about the gift of time. Where and how can you gift yourself the time to do your light work?


Too much time on your hands - schedule work and rest. Hustle and snuggle. Grind and... well... you know...

Remember your divinity

You are made of stardust, you are the stuff of dreams, darling not only are you a child of god - you are god! Divinity runs through your veins and no amount of this mortal existence can destroy the love that radiates from your skin.

Now put on that outfit, you know the one, look your divine ass in the mirror, straighten that crown, remember who you are and what you're here to do. You've got this <3

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