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Tarot and Treat Yourself

A new party experience

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Spring is on its way, time to brush off the frost and get some guidance and fabulous skin whilst we're at it.

Grab some friends and let's have a party!

Mini Facial Workshop

Together we will go through a mini facial workshop. I will show you how to cleanse and exfoliate effectively , massage techniques you can use on yourself and moisturising options depending on your skin type.

Each party goer will have a choice of products , will more than enough for each person to have a full mini facial on the day, will samples in your gift bag to take home.

Wild Rose Beauty Balm is my absolute favourite product and you will have a chance to test and play with the product on the day.

Individual Tarot Reading

Each party goer will have an individual tarot reading.

Will a variety of decks to choose from you will get a unique tarot experience, tailored to your needs, beliefs and wishes.

Gift Bag

At the end of the party take home a bag of goodies, including samples of the products used in your facial workshop.

Price: £15 per person

Host will receive an extra gift on top of their gift bag!

To book your party email:

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