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Tarot vs. Free Will - The Choice is Yours 

My thoughts on how tarot works and the pesky problem of free will

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"What? How? But.... ha ha ha That's so spooky, how did you know?"

"You know I've been thinking about this for ages!"

"It's like common sense, I mean, I know all of this, I just... well I guess I just needed that extra push"

These are things clients say after our readings. It's a beautiful moment of connection and realisation. It's a moment of personal power in which all pretence is lost and the answers become clear.

So what is tarot? It's the mirror you've been avoiding. The conversation you've been trying to have with yourself that you've been ignoring. The truth you already know.

"Is it scary? What if it tells me something bad?"

The tarot can be as loving or as blunt as you need it to be. The tarot is your best friend, your mentor and your guardian. The combination of your highest self, your intuition and where you're at in the moment. There are times it will loving validate you and at other times it will send you the 'If you get your shit together, then we can get real about your dreams'

Tarot is a tool for guidance, it shows you likely outcomes or highlights things hidden in plain sight. What it isn't is a 100% guarantee. Much as a meteorologist can look at the weather patterns and predict fair weather or stormy nights, tarot can look at the energy surrounding a question or choice and give a likely outcome. But as the local weather person doesn't go around giving out umbrellas, tarot isn't going to change anything without you doing something about it.

Good old free will, that beautiful pesky ability to CHOOSE and have AGENCY in our lives.

“What people have the capacity to choose,

they have the ability to change.” ― Madeleine K. Albright

The tarot can show you a likely outcome of a choice or path but you are the one who chooses to continue on that path or not. Do you take the umbrella, dance in the rain or change your plans altogether? That's all up to you.

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