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Monthly event with August Moon Tea

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Two passionate people, wanting the same thing:

to show people who to slow down, enjoy the moment and take a break from their worries.

One uses the power and healing of the ancient art of the tea ceremony, the other taps into her intuition and spiritual practices to guide people through transitions and changes.

The whole process involves:

-Spiritual coaching with a free workbook (about 45 minutes)
-Guided meditation (about 12 minutes)
-Formal tea ceremony (about 1 hour)
-Individual Tarot reading (20 minutes per person)

Healthy snacks will be served with tea

Some of the topics covered in 2017 were;

JANUARY: PREPARATION FOR TRANSITION - As we transition from one year to the next let us come together in preparation for an abundant and prosperous year of the rooster.

FEBRUARY: PURIFYING RAIN - As the rains fall, nourishing the ground and warming the earth, we move forward into the purification of February.

APRIL: FERTILE SOIL - If we want something to grow, we need to have the right soil to grow it in. The same is true for our dreams and passions. To manifest your best life, you need to work on your life's soil.

MAY: BEARING FRUIT - Celebrating your achievements. Watching your ideas bearing fruit and sharing a feeling gratitude. You have been working hard all winter into spring. Let’s come together and celebrate the ideas that are budding and those that have already blossomed.

JUNE: SUMMER SOLSTICE - Come and Celebrate Summer Solstice! Solstice means "standing of the sun" and it represents a threshold of energizing fullness. Join us as we celebrate the inner radiance in all of us.

JULY: ENDINGS AND BEGINNINGS - With every journey there are endings and beginnings, the natural circle of life. Join us in exploring, discussing and accepting movements through our journey

Photographs by Estelle Liu and Rimante Little

Due to Jen's move away from Nottingham #teaandtarot will no longer be a monthly event but will happen throughout the year - please check Facebook and Eventbrite for dates

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