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Why should I get a Tarot Reading?

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There are some people who just get tarot and some who don't. I'm often asked if I can read someones fortune or future (The answer here is NO. That's not my bag but other readers do have that gift so feel free to seek them out).

Apart from 'where do these messages come from? - spoiler, I don't know either, it's a thing I know how to do and it works, I'm good with that - I also get asked 'Why should I have a reading?'

So I thought I would highlight some times you might benefit from a reading and why...

Sometimes we have decisions to make which feel a bit like an A vs. B. Should I stay or should I go? This house or that house? Settle down or Keep exploring. When we are faced with these choices it can seem like an impossible task, as if we will miss out on something if we make the 'wrong' choice and even looking into the pros and cons can feel overwhelming.

Doing an A or B reading helps to look into the energy surrounding each decision, seeing what possible outcomes there are and allows the person to make a more well rounded decision. A may bring with it short term gain and long term loss, whereas B could have short term discomfort but long term joy.

Everything is feeling up in the air and you're exhausted. You're trapped in a relentless maze with trees at every turn. You can't see the wood for the trees. Nothing seems to working and you're starting to feel like you're completely lost... sound familiar?

Card readings can show you where you are in yourself, the situation and highlight areas you haven't realised are issues/opportunities. The cards can support you by showing you the potential avenues you haven't explored or letting you know you're on the right track and to just keep true.

You've made a decision, a choice or a change. You're in the period of transition and feeling like you lack motivation and direction. You know roughly what you want but not how to get there.

A tarot reading can help to focus that energy, showing you different options and the energies and feeling surrounding them. Using oracle cards can also help here as they can often come with advice, actions or prayers built into them.

There are a lot of amazing readers out there and I highly recommend looking around to see who feels right and what they offer.

I would of course love to do a reading for you and you're welcome to email me to talk about what you need and the prices of readings - or check out my Etsy Store

Love and light,

Jen x

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